About Me

At the age of 30 I have decided to reject the Diet Mentality and instead focus on being healthy at any size. I am choosing to stop letting weight and food issues take up so much of focus and energy. I was a chubby kid, a teenager obsessed with thinness who developed binge eating disorder, abused my body with food, yo-yo dieted up and down over 100 lbs each time, tried 12 Steps, had weight loss surgery, went through outpatient eating disorder treatment, been through many hours of therapy and have finally come to the realization that there is no cure for being fat and I'm done torturing myself trying fit in and look like what society thinks I should. Acceptance is not giving up... it's Moving on! I love my life. I'm treated the same by the people I love regardless of how big or small I am. I'm a lucky girl who works hard for what I have and I choose to a bombshell and do my Thang while encouraging others to do the same!

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  1. All I have to say is amen! You are a brave person with an awesome personality.